Martina Boone's Street Team

First and foremost, thank you for being interested in jointing the street team! I can't tell you how much that means to me, how much I truly appreciate it, and how much I look forward to staying in touch with you.

Second, please use this form to sign up for the street team ONLY if you've already read, loved, and reviewed Compulsion! If you haven't read Compulsion yet, please read it first, post a review somewhere, and then come back. I ADORE your enthusiasm, but it's important to me that this group is made up of people who genuinely love the world of Watson's Island and can share their thoughts (and mine!) without fear of spoilers. I'm using the group as a sounding board, so we're liable to blurt out things you don't want to hear if you're not already finished.

Please read all the membership activities, responsibilities, and benefits at

Finally, a few notes about the form:
  • For blog/website please leave the link to your blog or website. If you do not have a website/blog use your Facebook profile link.
  • You must be able to participate in the Facebook group to be a street team member. If you aren't on Facebook in general, you can set up a Facebook without adding friends or other content. Just set the account to send you email notifications when new items are posted in the group, and it will serve as strictly a means of communication. : )
  • For following me on social media, please leave the link to your profile on each site where you follow. If you do not have one of the social media sites listed put N/A. 
  • All links to my social media can be found on the help text in this form or on my website under the social media tab. 
Thanks so much! 

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